Handwork Back Basting Applique Tutorial by Anna Branch

Here's a Back Basting Appliqué Tutorial with Pattern shared with us by Anna Branch.

Back basting is the ideal appliqué method for those who like to have a project to do while waiting for appointments, watching television or riding in a vehicle.

Handwork Back Basting Applique Tutorial

Request the Ice Cream Templates here

*13" X 13" background fabric
*Small amounts of two fabrics for the appliqué
*Heavy needle such as used or darning or crewel work
*Heavy thread, black
*Appliqué needle and matching thread
*Sharp pencil (I use the retractable)
*Sharp scissors
*Toothpick or orange stick (I use a wooden skewer)


1. Print the attached ice cream pattern and place it under the background fabric. The reverse/wrong side of the fabric should be on top.
Using a light box or window, trace the pattern onto the fabric.
As the cone is ‘behind’ the ice cream, we are going to appliqué that part of the pattern first. Cut a piece of fabric approximately 1" larger all around than the cone and place it on the right side of the fabric. Hold the background fabric and cone fabric up to a light and move the cone fabric until it covers the come outline. Pin in place.

2. Using the heavy needle and thread, baste along the pencil line that is on the wrong side of the background fabric.

3. Trim the cone fabric outside the stitched line leaving about 3/16" seam allowance.

4. Using the orange stick, remove a couple of basting stitches and turn under the seam allowance. Using the appliqué needle and matching thread (knotted at end), stitch the appliqué fabric. Start by bringing pushing the needle through the background fabric and just under and through the fold catching a few threads of the fold. Pull needle and thread through, tucking the thread tail under the fabric. Continue removing basting stitches two or three at a time and sewing around the cone following the same sewing steps.

5. Repeat the previous steps for the ice cream fabric. Press and trim background to 12½".


Thanks Anna. I look forward to trying this new-to-me applique method!




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