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~Important Membership News~

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for coming to read about an important change I'm making.

In 2001, when I first started offering my memberships online, I was offering something quite unique.
Not many quilt designers were even offering their patterns as pdf files.
That certainly has changed, and I'm finding my current business model is no longer working.
So after much thought, I'm going to make a huge change in how I offer my quilt pattern membership.
Membership purchases, as of now, will no longer have an expiry date!

For those long-term, wonderful, supportive members - you now have a non-expiring membership!
If your membership was currently expiring in 2021 and beyond, this includes you.
All the past Blocks of the Month, and free to member patterns will always be there for you going forward, with more being added yearly.
Plus the Membership price for all of my other quilt patterns will remain at a deep discount for you, though I will need to increase the price slightly next year.

For those who are current members that have a membership expiring before 2021, or for those who've been a member in the past, you will be able to make a 'catch up' purchase to have your membership changed to a non-expiring version.
Email me for the details.

If you've not yet been a member and want to buy a 'new' non-expiring membership, that will give you all of the membership privleges, you can do so - starting now - for only $50.00 (USD)!
This is the only kind of membership I'll be selling from now on.

You'll find the Membership page with the new details here.

Please Note: I'll continue to offer my newest patterns to current members, free - until the end of December, 2019.
After that, I plan to continue the Member's Series quilt free each year, but not all of my newest patterns will be free, after that.
Some will need to be purchased, if you want them - at the deep discount membership price.

Thanks for your continued interest!


Benita Skinner
Victoriana Quilt Designs


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