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~February, 2019 Update~

Issue puzzled and solved!
I have a new tip that I'm so happy to share with some visitors to my site.
If you ever find your sign in not working on my site or even my regular web pages, make sure the web address is 'https'.
If you find it's only 'http', add the 's' and click enter and you’ll be on the corrected link!
This should happen automatically when clicking older links, but not all browsers behave the way they 'should'.

Storyland Children's Qult Pattern & Companion Book

Storyland Children's Quilt Pattern Series & Companion Book
Each block is free to Members for one month.


If I Drive...

If I Drive... Children's Quilt Pattern Series & Companion Book
Each block is free to Members for one month.



Blue & White Tiles Members Quilt Pattern Series


Blue & White Tiles: Block #1
The first block of this new series is here.
Gather your blue & white fabrics and come stitch along!

A Member Quilt Pattern Series


Thank You Mini Quilt for a Medical Team or Nurse


Thank You Mini Quilt for a Medical Team or Nurse
The fourth design this series!

Another Free to Members Quilt Pattern


A Novel Idea - 2018 Free Block of the Month


Free Block of the Month: A Novel Idea - Rows #2 Book Blocks

Please Note: Row #3 will be available after my next sunny day.
The remaining parts are still coming!
Receiving my newsletter is the best way to learn when they are available.

A Bookcase Quilt using Novelty Fabrics
- Quilt Making Fun!


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The Quilt Pattern Membership that keeps on Giving!
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Non-expiring Quilt Pattern Membership
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Quilt Pen Pals & Charm Swaps


Come join our quilting community...Sharing with Quilters!
Quilter Pen Pals & Quilt Charm Swaps pages.
Meet Quilters' from your hometown or around the world!


Quilt Guild Listing


Quilt Guild Reference List:
This Quilt Guild Reference List is where you will find a list of quilt guilds and groups from all over the world.
If your group is not listed, fill in the details - I would love to add them.


Members Notebook


Members Notebook:
This section has news, notes and important reminders for members.
Be sure to read the new entries and reminders every month.


Used Quilt Books for Sale


Used Quilt Books for Sale:
See the long list of quilt books available.
Please feel free to list your used quilt books for sale or trade!


Quilting Lessons & Tutorials Online


Quilting Lessons:
These pages contain links to free quilt lessons, information and how to's.
This list makes a good quilters online resource for the Beginner Quilter, or anyone needing some refresher information or tutorial on a new quilt technique


Design of the Month


Free Design of the Month:
Available exclusively to newsletter subscribers.
All of these designs can be used as quilting motif or for a redwork/embroidery project.

Please Note: This feature is on pause for a year, and the replacement will be this fun series:

~Newsletter Bonus Pattern for 2019~

Free for anyone who receives this newsletter!
Will be available in the next newsletter this month.


Quilt Tip of the Month


Quilt Tip of the Month:
The newest tip plus a 17 year collection!


Sneak Peek at the Quilt Patterns Coming Up


Sneak Preview:
Preview of what's coming up soon...






More Quilt Information

My Off Grid Adventure Letters - The Adventure Continues...

My Off Grid Adventure Letters - The Adventure Continues...Part #54: Trapping Mice

~Available to Member's Only for Privacy Reasons~


Free Printable Quilt Calculator Charts

Free Printable Quilt Calculator Charts


Handwork ~ While You Wait

Handwork Projects


Baby Quilt Patterns

Baby Quilt Patterns


Easy Quilt Patterns

Easy Quilt Patterns


Printable Quilt Journal

Printable Quilt Journal


Victoriana Quilt Designs on Facebook


Victoriana Quilt Designs Facebook Page: This is where we share quilt pictures, ask questions and share quilting online with other Facebook Quilters...from all around the world!

Victoriana Quilt Designs on Twitter


@VictorianaQuilt: Twitter is where I post my news & my opinion :)



Victoriana Quilt Design on Pinterest


My Pinterest Boards:
I've been enjoying the great visual inspiration here!


Members can receive free quilt patterns, for recommending Victoriana Quilt Designs (Memberships or Patterns) to your quilting friends!


Featured Quilt Pattern

Valentine Hugs Mini Quilt Pattern

Valentine Hugs Mini Quilt Pattern


~2019 Birthday Club Monthly Prize~

You not only get a special gift on your special day...
(you get to choose yours this year!), you get entered for the
The Monthly Prize, which includes:
-14 Quilt Fabric Labels from my exclusive designs
-Exclusive Victoriana Round Box filled with Sewing Themed Charms
-My Creative Space Quilt Note Cards with envelopes


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Quilty Finds - Free Quilt Patterns

Crazy Quilt Monthly Memories Free Block of the Month Series
through my Quilty Finds site here!

Celebrating Flowers Block of the Month Series

~The February Block is now online~


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