~The Details~

To enter the 2019 Quilting Day game:

1. Register by emailing me a picture of the bingo card you make (see below),
and include the list of the fabrics you chose (colour/category) for each row.

2. Mail one fat quarter of 100% cotton fabric (no flannel)
and your bingo card that you registered with.

Note: Until I receive your fabric & block, your registration is not complete.
The final date to complete your registration is March 15, 2019.

See the Prizes and how to win them below.

What's Needed to Play: Make a fabric bingo card* (one per person).
Choose 25 ~ 2½" squares of fabrics from your stash.
Each row is a different colour group as follows:
5 yellow & orange; 5 red; 5 blue; 5 green; 4 pink & purple; 1 black.
Each of the coloured squares should be a different
type or category of fabric, as follows:
batik, floral, geometric, heart, leaf, metallic, holiday, novelty, paisley, plaid, solid, star, stripe, dots, or 1930s print.
Use the black for the center 'free' square.

Quilt Bingo Card Example

Example of a card by Claire Currier.

*Layout the 25 squares into 5 rows of 5 squares.
Each row should be from all the same colour group.
You can choose the order of the rows, except the pink or purple with black square row, which should be in the center.
Sew the squares of each row together.
Press the seams open.
Sew the rows together, matching the seams.
Press the seams open.

You must email me (or send it through a Facebook message) a picture of your participating 'bingo card' plus mail both it and your fat quarter entry,

so they arrive before the game begins

Send them to:
Victoriana Quilt Designs
PO Box 1171
Middleton, NS B0S1P0 Canada

You can play from anywhere in the world!

Please Note: If you are having trouble getting the email link to work, please go here for the email address to send your bingo card picture to.


~The Play~

Quilt Bingo Vertical Row
Quilt Bingo Horizontal Row
Quilt Bingo Diagonal Row
Quilt Bingo Nine Patch
Quilt Bingo Plus
Quilt Bingo Corner Squares
Quilt Bingo Kite

Limited to one win per person.

As the entries arrive in the mail they will receive a number.
The day of the game I'll draw numbers randomly,
putting the blocks in play in a first to last order.
From the colour/category bingo cards I have, I'll also randomly choose them, going in order, marking each bingo card.

The first bingo card covering five squares in each of the
above 7 patterns wins.

Note: If a huge amount of entries get registered,
I will set up more than one 'set' of prizes.
Spread the word - More entries = more prizes!

All of the results will appear here on March 16, 2019.


~The Prizes~

The prize for each pattern is 5 fat quarters that I'm including,
and an equal share of all of the fat quarters that arrive as entries.

Plus - from all of the entries received, one winner will be chosen to win all the 'bingo card' blocks, which can be made up into a wonderful scrappy quilt!

~The winners can be from any country~


Come Enjoy the Quilty Fun...
Send your entry before it's too late to enter!
It must arrive in my mail no later than March 15th.




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