Crochet Dishcloth Tutorial by Debbie Andriulli

To Benita and all who stop by today ~ Hello!
It’s a pleasure for me to be here and to have an opportunity
to share a handwork project with you.
My name is Debbie and I write a blog called
homespun living where I show glimpses into my days of
~raising chickens
~knitting & crocheting.

Homespun Living

I especially love ‘handwork’, and if I can ‘take it along’ with me, well, all the better!
Some of my favorite ‘take along’ projects are things like crocheted hexagons, socks, a baby sweater, a footstool cover,and dishcloths.

Below are pictures of a crocheted dishcloth I made and posted on my blog in the spring,
…it’s a project that can easily travel with you.
I’ve written out my pattern just for you…hope you like it.

Crochet Dishcloth

Crocheted Dishcloth

When I take a break for a cup of tea,
my hands need to be busy.
Something about Spring,
makes me turn to crochet projects:

~almost instant gratification
~lighter cottony yarns
~very portable

I used some crochet cotton for this dishcloth:

Size: Approximately 8 inches square

1 ball size 3 100% mercerized cotton in main color & small amount of contrast color for edging
3.5mm crochet hook

Abbreviations: ch = chain; dc = double crochet; sts = stitches

Begin: Chain 35 + 3{turning sts-count as first dc of row 1}

Row 1: dc into fourth chain from hook and into each of the remaining chains = 36 sts.

Row 2 & all following rows: ch 3{counts as first dc}, dc into each stitch across = 36 sts.

Continue until length of piece equals the width and you have a square.

The edging is a two-row pattern~

Row 1: *single crochet, chain 4* repeat.
{I just worked this at even intervals around the perimeter of the cloth}

Row 2: single crochet in a loop of the first row;
*chain 4, remove hook from that 4th stitch & insert through the 2nd chain stitch,
then grab the 4th chain stitch and pull through,
chain 2 more {this creates a picot-type edging},
then single crochet in next loop from previous row* repeat from * around cloth.


Such a pretty edge you have add to your dishcloth, Debbie...Thank You for sharing this quick practical handwork project with us!

Be sure to visit Debbie's site here.



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