Knitted Dishcloth Tutorial by Kayla Kramer

Hello Victoriana Quilt Design Readers! My name is Kayla K, of Kayla K's Thrifty Ways. I blog about all things crafty and thrifty, including free knit patterns! I love dishcloths as the ultimate take-along project - or a great way to unwind.

I have been very busy in the last weeks as I begin my first year as a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher. I love to have a simple, repetitive dishcloth to work on so I can relieve some stress after a busy day.

Dishcloths are great both for take-along and "mindless" knitting. After you memorize the first few rows you no longer need to carry a pattern.

Here is a favorite dishcloth pattern of mine. It is an intricate design that is deceptively simple - there are no ends to weave in!

Free Knit Pattern: Checker-Square Garter Dishcloth
This dishcloth looks deceivingly difficult, but garter stitching and slipped stitches keep it simple. The stitch pattern is easy to memorize but keeps you interested.

Free Knit Pattern: Checker-Square Garter Dishcloth

You will need cotton yarn in two contrasting colors. I used Size 8 needles for a gauge of approximately 4 stitches/inch. The finished size is a generous 10½" square.

To Begin, cast on 51 stitches with white. Knit 1 row. Do not tie off.

Row 1: Attach Red. K 1, *sl 1, K 11* across to last 2 sts; sl 1, K1.

Row 2 and all alternating rows: Use the same color from previous row to knit all knit stitches and slip all slipped stitches with the yarn in front.

Row 3: Using white, K 4, *(sl 1, K 1) 3 times, sl 1, K 5* across to last 11 stitches, *sl 1, K 1* three times, sl 1, K 4.

Row 5: Using red, K 3, *sl 1, K 7, sl 1, K 3* to end.

Row 7: Using white, K 2, *sl 1, K 3, sl 1, K 1* to last stitch, K last stitch.

Row 9: Using red, K 5, *sl 1, K 3, sl 1, K 7* across to the last 10 stitches, sl 1, K 3, sl 1, K 5.

Row 11: Using white, K 2, *sl 1, K 1, sl 1, K 5, (sl 1, K 1) twice* across to the last stitch, K last stitch.

Row 13: With red, K 7, *sl 1, K 11* across to last 8 stitches, sl 1, K 7.

Row 15: As for 11

Row 17: As for 9

Row 19: As for 7

Row 21: As for 5

Row 23: As for 3

Repeat these 24 rows 3 times more.

Repeat Row 1 once more.

Knit 2 rows in white. Bind off in knit.

Reverse Side

Despite the colorwork, this dishcloth keeps a cute rear view.

You can find more of my free patterns including hats, dishcloths, and more here!


Kayla Kramer
Kayla K's Thrifty Ways
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Thanks Kayla for such a great project to take-along...and practical too!

Be sure to visit Kayla's site here.



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