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Echo Quilting Quilting around a shape and in parallel evenly spaced lines, outlining in multiple rows.


Additions to a base fabric(s), added after the sewing is complete. It can be the addition of embroidery, charms, buttons, lace, etc.
English Paper Piecing

English Paper Piecing


A quilt made using precut paper shapes. The fabric is basted over the shapes and then whip-stitched together.
Fabric Stash A collection of fabric.
Fat Quarter A quarter yard (or metre) of fabric (18" x 22") made by cutting a half-yard of fabric in half.
Feed Sacks Printed fabric that sold as the sackcloth that would hold flour, grain, seeds, etc.
Finger Pressing Using your fingernail to temporarily crease the seam edge flat.
Finished Size The final measurement, after all the edges are sewn. This does not include any seam allowances.
Foundation Piecing A base piece of fabric (e.g. muslin) is used to sew fabrics on permanently. This becomes a base for random patch sewing (crazy patch & string piecing) as well as very accurate piecing. Today quilters' are using paper as the foundation and removing it after piecing.


A block design with two units sewn on top of two units to make a four-part block.
Free-Motion Quilting A machine method of quilting with you controlling the movement of the quilt. The darning foot is used with the feed dogs lowered.
Freezer Paper A white paper having a wax coating on one side. It is used in quilting as a template. It stays on fabric when pressed and is easily removed and reused. Available at a grocery store.
Friendship Quilt See Album Quilt.
Fusible Web It is a paper-backed web that bonds two fabrics together. It is used as a quick easy method of appliqué. The edges can be stitched with a button hole, satin or zigzag stitch.
Fussy Cut Carefully cutting around a motif.


The direction of the threads woven together. The lengthwise and crosswise grains are the straight-of-grain and the bias is the diagonal direction.
Half Square Triangles

Half Square Triangles

Two triangles sewn together to make a square. A quick method is to start with squares.

Also known as HST.

Hand Piecing Patchwork pieces sewn together by hand.
Hand Quilting Hand sewing the three layers of a quilt together in a design, by using a small even running stitch.
Hawaiian Quilt These quilts use a paper-cut design on the whole quilt top. More info
Homespun Fabric

Homespun Fabric

Fabric that has a looser weave to look hand woven.
Interfacing A lightweight, non-woven stabilizer used for an appliqué method. The fusible kind can be used for holding your appliqué in place as you stitch.
In-the-Ditch See Outline Quilting


A fabric label with the information about the quilt (e.g. quilt maker, date, etc.) printed on with a permanent fabric pen, embroidery or computer. Every quilt should have a label.
Lap Quilting Quilting with a hoop frame in a chair, as opposed to on a quilt frame. Quilting a block at a time and sewing the finished quilted blocks into a quilt is known as lap quilting.
Lattice See Sashing.
Lengthwise Grain The grain of the fabric that runs parallel to the selvage edges.
Loft The thickness of the batting.


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