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I'm an Independent Quilt & Fabric Designer and Thanks! to the many quilters who enjoy my designs, I make my living by selling my quilt patterns (as pdf files sent via email), as well as fabrics.
I own, update and maintain two quilting web sites including my main pattern site
Victoriana Quilt Designs and Quilty Finds.

I am living off grid in a forest, with two cats - Ember & Coal, near the Bay of Fundy, Middleton, Nova Scotia, Canada!

I began teaching my Victorian House workshop in 1993 when I still lived in Ontario.
My original technique was based on my pictorial quilts that I made when I began quilting.

This led me to more workshops using my original quilt designs which I held in my most popular being the Beginner's Sampler Workshop which I now offer online.

In 2001, with some basic 'how to' from my son on using the programs needed to put together a web page (including making the graphics to decorate my site), I began Victoriana Quilt Designs.
Through 'poking' as he calls it I taught myself enough about the programs to start offering my quilt pattern designs as pdf patterns.
Of course I also knew enough to hire my wonderful tech guy to handle the code for any 'real' tech programming.

And in 19 years of monthly updates I have accumulated quite a sizable site.
I offer my pattern designs to those who purchase Memberships plus they can also be purchased by non-members.
There are also Fabric Quilt Labels from my original designs.
Plus be sure to check out the Complimentary Patterns and the Library for all the quilting information available, which is a great place for quilt beginners to learn.

As of 2009, thanks to the nudging of my other son, I also have a Facebook page that allows me to connect with quilters, plus I love sharing the news on Twitter and Instagram.
Be sure to join me there, too!

I hope you enjoy your visits!

Benita Skinner
Victoriana Quilt Designs

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