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Victoriana Quilters includes Quilt Patterns and A Large Resource for Beginner Quilters' with:

Original quilt patterns - free with membership or to purchase individually 

Free Block of the Month 

Free Quilt Patterns 

Free Printable Quilt Labels

Free Charity Quilt patterns

Free Beginner's Quilting Online Class, Free Crazy Quilt Online Workshop and Free Applique Basics Workshop (with membership)

Free printable quilting technique instructions 

Free quilting designs and other information in the Library

Free Quilt Calculator Charts

Free Printable Quilt Graph Paper

Quilt Gallery

And much more!


Members can download free instructions for my original quilt patterns, as well as have access to the Beginner's Quilting Online Class and the Crazy Quilt Online Workshop; Scraps section; past Block of the Month instructions, a large quilt Block Index with links to instructions and the Members Notebook!

All quilters' can take advantage of the free...

And you can contact other quilters' to become pen pals or exchange charms with them.

Free Quilt Patterns

Scrappy String Crayons Free Tutorial

Quilt Puzzle in a Pocket Free Quilt Pattern

Christmas Sweater Free Quilt Pattern

Quilts are a Work of Heart Free Quilt Pattern

Free Easy Beginner's Baby Rail Fence

Free Easy Beginner's Rail Fence

Ocean Waves Paper Pieced Quilt Pattern

Harlequin Frogs Quilt Pattern

Jacquard Quilt Pattern

Basic Plaid Free Quilt Tutorial

Loving Our Earth Reusable Bag Patterns

Applique Alphabet Free Quilt Pattern Templates

Dresden Plate with Butterfly Free Quilt Pattern

Q is for Quilting Mini Quilt Tutorial & Pattern

3 Colour Striped Matching Border Free Quilt Pattern

Cornerstones Free Quilt Pattern

Vintage Hankie Butterfly Block Tutorial

4-Patch Yo-Yo Tutorial

Easy Handmade Ornaments Tutorial

December Pattern Play Block of the Month Free Quilt Pattern Series

Quilt Calculator Charts

Free Quilt Formulas Chart, Quilt Binding, Backing, Cutting Strips & Squares, Triangles & Setting Triangles and Prairie Points Calculators

Printable Quilt Graph Papers

Free Printable Quilt Graph Papers.
Squares, Angles, Circles
& Apple Core or Spool.

Free Printable Quilt Lables Free Printable Quilt Label Saying Free Printable Quilt Care Instructions Free Printable Quilt Lables Free Printable Quilt Label Saying Free Printable Quilt Care Instructions


Printables for Quilters

Free Charity Quilt patterns

A free string piecing quilt pattern to use up your smallest scraps, a free Pinwheel quilt pattern and a free Cobblestones quilt pattern. Plus Links to where you can donate your Charity Quilts

Printable Quilt Note Cards available at the Card Shoppe

Printable Note Cards that feature some of my quilts, and my original art work.

~Gifts for You!~

Free Printable Quilty Bookmarks

Free Printable Quilty Bookmarks

Printable Quilt Subway Art Poster from Victoriana Quilt Designs

Printable Quilt Subway Art Poster from Victoriana Quilt Designs

Printable Quilt Journal

~Also Available to Non-Members~

Free Printable Signs for Fabric Lovers - Fabric Collector - Fabric Hoarder

Free Printable Signs for Fabric Lovers

Free Printable Yard to Inches Chart

Free Printable Yard to Inches Chart

Not with my scissors, please!

Not With My Scissors, Please!
- Free Printable -

Printable Singer National Costumes Pictures

Printable Singer National Costumes pictures - The are now 12 to choose from available here.

Days of the Week Nursery Rhyme Printables

Days of the Week Nursery Rhyme Printables from available here.



Victoriana Sewing Kit


Design of the Month Quilting  & Embroidery Motif

Collection Available to Members

We truly have an International Quilters Group...We have members from all of these countries:

Costa Rica
Czech Republic
French Polynesia
Netherlands Antilles
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
South Korea
Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom

Suggestions for what you would like to see included in this ever growing site are always welcome.


Victoriana Patchwork Printable Fabric Designs

Printable Fabric Designs

5 Pincushions Pattern

5 Pincushions Pattern

My Off Grid Adventure Letters - The Adventure Continues

The Adventure Continues!
Part #78: A Photo Dump

~Available to Members Only for Privacy Reasons~

Box of Threads Patchwork Spools Wallhanging

Box of Threads - July Black Block

The Best! Trophy Quilt Pattern

The Best! Trophy Quilt Pattern

The Best! Trophy Quilt Pattern

Makes a great signature keepsake quilt!

The Best! Bonus File

*The bonus file includes printable numbered markers, to help keep cut patches, sewn units & sections organized, as you sew.
Plus a printable "You're the Best!" quilt label!

Crazy Quilt Sewing Machine Block Pattern

Crazy Quilt Sewing Machine Block

Crazy Quilt Sewing Machine Block Pattern
Includes two sizes!

Creative Thinking Time Quilt Pattern

Creative Thinking Time Quilt Pattern

Creative Thinking Time Wall Hanging Quilt Pattern

Summer Garden Quilt Pattern

Summer Garden Quilt Pattern


Past Quilt Patterns

~More Quilt Patterns~
~Quilt Patterns by Category~

An easy way to hang a quilt, with a drapery rod on a wall, is with a pair of drapery sconces from a dollar store. These can be painted to blend or match your wall colour.....Submitted by Diana

Hanging a Quilt Tip


Facebook Tip

More Tips

Free Hope Quilt Block for Ukraine

Free Hope Quilt Block here.


Free Tutorials
Personalize It!
26 Initials & Projects (with full tutorials) to use them!

Tips & Tricks for Pretty Flat Patchwork with Open Seams

Yore Quilter Self Personalized Printable Portrait

What date will you choose, for Yore Quilter Self?

Printable Quilt Row Markers
Free to Members!
Available to Purchase
for Non-Members.

Playing with Pincushions

Playing with Pincushions Basket Tutorial

Playing with Pincushions
Basket or Small Container
Free 20th Anniversary Tutorial


9 Pincushions Pattern

9 Pincushions Pattern

Benita Skinner's episode on A Quilter's Life

Click the button above to hear my
story on Paula Chamberlain's podcast -
A Quilter's Life.

Stained Glass Strings Quilt as You Go Tutorial

Secrets of My Success - Making a Living Creatively Online from Benita Skinner of Victoriana Quilt Designs

Learn How here!

Quilt Adult Colouring eBooks

Sew Simple Sampler Quilts Colouring eBook

Quilt Adult Colouring eBooks

Postcard Quilts Colouring eBook

Directory of Quilt Pattern Designs by Benita Skinner

Directory of Quilt Pattern Designs by Benita Skinner Main Page

Ideas for Backing a Quilt

Request a pdf file with the 9 Ideas for Backing a Quilt plus see the newer ideas!

Victoriana Quilt Designs Quilt Memes to Share

~For Sharing on Your Facebook Page~

Handwork - While You Wait

Handwork Projects

Quilting Blog Roll

Do you have a quilting blog? - Let's swap buttons!

Plus - If you post about my site, please let me know!
I'd love to say Thanks by sharing your link on my Facebook page. :)

Videos from VictorianaQuilt on YouTube

My YouTube Account
I've begun to post videos about hand stitching, embroidery & quilting.
Plus you'll find the best animal videos I've captured.

Victoriana Quilt Design on Pinterest

I'm enjoying the visual inspiration there!

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Quilt Guild Resourse List

This Quilt Guild Reference List is where you will find a list of quilt guilds and groups from all over the world. If your group is not listed, let me know the details, and I would love to add them!

Quilt Guild Block Exchange

Choosing Fabrics for Your Quilts

Free Printable Quilt Lables Free Printable Quilt Label Saying Free Printable Quilt Care Instructions

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