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This quilt pattern makes a quick, easy and versatile string pieced quilt. It can be made by reusing and recycling discarded items! So it only costs you your time, doing something you love!!

Any instructions with [brackets], refers you to the technique page in the Library for complete free how-tos.

This pattern is for your personal use only.

A .pdf version of this pattern is available to groups making quilts for charity. Please email me with your group's name and details, and you will be sent a file to print and distribute.

After the pattern instructions below, you will find links to a Pinwheel pattern and a Cobblestones pattern, plus links to places you can donate your charity quilts! Check with the charity for specific requirements.

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String Pieced Block

  1. Save your scraps and small bits of quilting fabric. I use a brown shopping bag, that I can toss it all in. Collect 48~8" x 11" flyers you receive in your mail or in newspapers. Tip: Scrap fabric or batting squares would be a great permanent foundations to sew on.

  2. Take the flyers and fold them diagonally {Diagram #1}. Trim the extra 2" off the bottom {Diagram #2}. You will need to remove the paper foundation after the top is complete, but using a small stitch length makes this easy. If you would prefer to use scrap fabric or your uglies as a foundation, please do. Cut  48~8" squares and press in half on the diagonal. 


Diagram #1                Diagram #2

  1. On the printed side of your flyers (or on one side of your foundation fabric), draw an 8" square [Blocking]. This will be the back of your blocks.

  2. Align the first short patch of fabric on the plain side of the paper, right side up, in the middle of the foundation, running across the diagonal line. Place a second piece along one edge of the first patch, right sides together. Stitch [Machine Piecing] the length of these fabrics {Diagram #3}.

Diagram #3

Flip the second fabric over and press (Note: the ink from the flyer can transfer to your pressing surface, so cover with a pressing cloth). Repeat with a third scrap of fabric on the opposite side of the first patch.

  1. Continue the sewing/flipping/pressing, adding scraps of fabrics to the outer edges, in both directions, following the diagonal line, until you have reached the two opposite corners. Alternate dark and light for contrast.

  2. Now place longer strips along both of the raw edges of the centre piece {Diagram #4}.

Diagram #4

Sew along these strips from one side of the diagonal to the other. Flip and press.

  1. Keep adding scraps of fabrics to the outer edges of these new strips, in both directions, until you have covered the paper of the two remaining uncovered corners.

  2. Trim the fabric even with the paper. Leave the paper on the back until the blocks are all sewn together.

  3. After making your 48 squares, arrange them 6 blocks across and 8 blocks down. Sew the squares together, along the sewing lines.  Remove the paper. The small stitches have perforated it for easy gentle tearing. Use tweezers to remove any of the smaller pieces of paper.

Free String Quilt Pattern

48" x 64"

  1. For batting you can use smaller pieces of leftover batting that you zigzag into a larger piece -or- a few layers of flannel. Layer your quilt [The Quilt Sandwich].

  2. You can machine quilt it or tie it [see below] with embroidery floss or yarn. Add Binding [Binding] and a label [Label].

Tying Your Quilt

  1. Cut embroidery floss (3 to 6 strands) or yarn into 3 foot lengths. Thread a strong needle (Note: A curved needle works well). You should make a tie knot every 4", in a grid pattern.

  2. Take a stitch down through all three layers and then back up. Leave enough thread at the end to tie a square knot. 

Square Knot

3. Trim the ends of the knots to 1".


Free Tiny Scrap String Porject Charity Quilt Pattern Free Tiny Scrap String Porject Charity Quilt Pattern

Free Pinwheel Charity Quilt Pattern

There are a lot of places that would be happy to take any quilt you make, to help their cause.

Locally you can contact nursing homes, VA hospitals, women's shelters, children's hospitals and local police. Make a placemat from two blocks for Meals on Wheels.

The following links are for very worthy organizations who would love to receive a quilt from you! Check the site for individual specifications.

Binky Patrol Comforting Covers

Blankets of Love

Luther Park Bible Camp

Project Linus

Quilts for Kids

Wrap Them in Love

Email me if you would like to add your charity link

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