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Copyright...Personal Use Only

The following are the guidelines you must follow when downloading and using Victoriana Quilt Designs patterns and technique pages and printable note cards:

Print them for your own use only.

Give design credit, when entering your quilt for public display.

No copying any of the files &/or pages (of any kind!) to give or sell to others, without my written permission. No pdf file sharing is allowed.

When you purchase a pattern...


Estimating Fabric Yardage

1. Decide what size bed the quilt will be for and using the chart below (Bed & Quilt Sizes) and find your approximate quilt size.

2. On " graph paper draw out your quilt, to scale. Include your blocks, sashing and borders. Colour with pencil crayons.

3. Measure the sizes of each block patch and determine the cut sizes by adding " seam allowance to the finished measurements. For sashing and borders, add the seam allowances and extra (about 6") to the length.

4. List how many of each of the different sizes you need and in which colours.

5. Using the charts, calculate your yardage estimates for each fabric. Round up your calculations. Now add to yard extra.

Here is a reference chart for you to request, via email.

Cutting Strips & Squares Calculator Chart

Cutting Strips & Squares Calculator

Yard & Inches Conversion

Fraction & Decimal s

~Useful Measurements~

  • 1 yard of quilt fabric weighs approximately 4 oz.
  • 1 pound of quilt fabric is about 4 yards.
  • A full size scrap quilt takes about 2 pounds of fabric pieces.
  • Twin Quilt takes approximately 6 yards of fabric
  • Queen Quilt takes approximately 10 yards of fabric
  • King Quilt takes approximately 12 yards of fabric


Bed & Quilt Sizes

  Standard Bed Measurement Approximate Quilt Size
Crib 27" x 52" 36" x 60"
Twin 39" x 75" 63" x 87"
Double (Full) 54" x 75" 78" x 87"
Queen 60" x 80" 84" x 92"
King 76" x 80" 100" x 92"

For bedspread length, add about 12" to the total width and 24" to the length to cover the box spring and pillows.

For odd sizes and variances, use the mattress measurement and add 12" for the drop on both sides and at the foot. Add 18" to the length if you want the pillows covered. In your measurements, allow for shrinkage in the quilting process.


~Miscellaneous Information~

Recommended heights (Please adjust them to suit your personal height)

  • Sewing machine: 30" from floor.
  • Cutting table: 36" from floor (or to hip bone).



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