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A Novel Idea Free Block of the Month Series - A Bookcase Quilt Using Novelty Fabrics

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WOF = Width of Fabric



A Novel Idea Flowerpot Block


For the whole bookcase quilt:
Main Bookcase fabric
- 1¼ yard
Darker Bookcase fabric (A) - 1 yard
(this is an estimate, but I believe that would be plenty)

Plus...for the May Flowerpot block

Flowerpot (B)
Flowers (N)


1. Cut the fabrics for the flowerpot block [Rotary Cutting] as follows:

Flowerpot Block Fabrics

Dark Bookcase fabric (A1) ~ 4" x 10½"
Dark Bookcase fabric (A2) ~ 2-2" x 1½"
Flowerpot fabric (B1) ~
1½" x 7½"
Flowerpot fabric (B2) ~ 4" x 10½"

2. Prepare the appliqué shapes [Cardboard Templates ~ For Piecing] as follows:

Request the free May Flowerpot Template here

Dark Bookcase fabric (A3): Prepare the reverse patches [Cardboard Templates ~ For Piecing] as instructed.
These will be used for the backgrounds of the flowerpot base.

Flowerpot Block Fabrics
Draw the reverse triangle shapes on the back side of the Dark Bookcase fabrics, and cut beyond that line, as instructed.

3. Gently finger press the bias edges of the reverse background triangles and baste in place [Stitches - #3c].
Align the corners to the corners of the base of Flowerpot fabric (B2).

Flowerpot Block Preparing for Applique

4. Using 18" of thread [Stitches] that matches the corners, blind-stitch [Stitches - #1] the reverse corners, to the base of flowerpot fabric.
End with a knot on the back of unit, behind the appliqué patch.

Flowerpot Block Preparing for Applique

5. Remove all the basting stitches, and carefully trim the background fabric even, if necessary.
Press [Pressing - #2].

6. Layout the patches as pictured below.

Flowerpot Block Preparing for Applique

Machine stitch [Machine Piecing Basics] the patches in numerical order.
Press the seams open.

Flowerpot Block Preparing for Applique

7. Prepare & layout [Broderie Perse Applique] the flower fabric (N) patches, arranging them in the pot until you are happy with the arrangement.

Flowerpot Block Preparing for Applique

Continue to follow the Broderie Perse Applique directions, using my pictures as a guide.

Flowerpot Block Preparing for Applique

Flowerpot Block Preparing for Applique

Flowerpot Block

Backview close up of my tiny stitches.

Flowers Close up

8. Block [Blocking] the Flowerpot block at the finished size of 8" x 10".


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