Frequently Asked Questions


What can I expect when I purchase one of your patterns?

When you purchase any of my patterns, you will receive the pattern as a pdf file(s), and it will be sent to your email account as an attachment.

As it will state on the opening page, you should be requesting the Technique Files from the Library and printing the coloured web page with the picture of the Quilt and the Fabric Key. 

What is the best way to print one of your web pages?

Place your cursor at the start of what you want to print. Click your left button and keep holding it down while you drag it to where you want to stop printing. Release the button. The shaded area is what will print when you choose "Selection" on your printer options.

Please note: If the whole page does not get printed, you could try setting your printer for "landscape".

Another Idea/Tip: You can make almost any webpage print friendly or a pdf you can save through the webpage Print Friendly & PDF.
Copy the web address you want to convert, paste it where instucted and this site converts if for you.

If you don't have a printer, you can use a computer at your local library.

Can I copy my pattern to give to my small quilt group?

For everything you need to know about copying any of my patterns or web pages (any kind of copying) or what I mean when I say "Personal Use Only" please read the information that can be found here. No pdf file sharing is allowed.

How do I print out my pattern (or technique pages)? I can't open the file you sent me.

What you will need to know about saving, opening, reading and printing the free technique pages can be found on the Downloading & Printing Page.

You will need an unzip program to open some of the files and you will need Acrobat Reader (links for free copies can be found on the Downloading & Printing Page).

Can I receive a free pattern? I've signed up for your newsletter.

Receiving the Victoriana Quilters newsletter is not the same thing as being a paid member of Victoriana Quilters. 

The newsletter is available to everyone, as part of the many free things I offer on this site. I believe very strongly in the sharing of quilting knowledge...hence my free technique instructions & information, Block of the Month, Complimentary Patterns, Charity Quilt Patterns, Cutting Charts, Printable Labels. 

A membership ($25.00 USD) to Victoriana Quilters allows you to receive the pattern instructions from the patterns on the Pattern Page, and have access to the Past Blocks of the Month, Members Notebook and register for the Online Classes. Member's also have the opportunity to purchase past patterns for a nominal fee.


I tried to request a file, but I never received it attached to an email. Why would that be?

You might not have received the file(s) you requested for one of the following reasons:

1. It could be that you accidentally entered an incorrect email address.

2. Your ISP could have spam blocked my email address.

Checking your spam/junk folder is ususally helpful.

If this still doesn't work you need to contact your server, or try a different email address.

Servers with the worst blocking record: Comcast (see tip below), AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, Sbcglobal, Roadrunner, Rogers, Sympatico, Optonline and Windstream.
Try Google's gmail if you are still having problems.

Please feel free to try again!


Comcast has accounts defaulted to allow them to delete emails (& newsletters you signed up for), that they 'decide' are spam, without the recipients ever seeing them.
This has led to many missing emails for their customers.

Here's a suggestion I found to help you receive all your emails:
1. Log in to
2. Select the email icon (envelope - top right).
3. Select 'Preferences' (on the dark grey bar: Email Address Book - Preferences - Help).
4. Select the email Icon in Preferences (center top).
5. You'll find 'Spam Filtering' about halfway down the list. Click on it.
A white box, with an explanation, comes up.
Comcast suggests you uncheck the first box.
More importantly, you should check the second box 'save a copy'.

When Comcast saves the copy, it will allow you to see them in your spam folder, when you check your email.
Then you can open the spam folder; go to the newsletter/email, that was wrongly flagged as spam.
And to make sure it doesn't happen again, choose the 'not spam' option (just above all of your emails there is a list of choices, including 'not spam').
This should stop Comcast from deleting your emails, before you can read them.

3. Your virus checker could have blocked it. Sometimes a virus program will not allow a file through, not because it's infected, but because it assumes the attachment will be a virus.

You need to know that I wouldn't be offering a file that has any viruses.
If you would like to get the files open, you could temporarily set your
virus checker at a lower security setting, until you are able to save the
This has worked for others who also set the setting to the highest security

The file I requested arrived attached to my email, but it's all gibberish.

Saving the file to your computer before opening it should correct this problem.

What are these Social Bookmarking Icons?

They are used to receive updates to this site through a different method other than the update newsletter.
They don't include all the news that the newsletter does.

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Why don't I receive all of your Facebook posts in my news feed?

Here is some information & tips that will help you with that.

Facebook Tip

Additional Tip: Hold your mouse over the 'Liked' button for a page, a drop box will come down and you can then select 'Get Notifications'.

Facebook Get Notifications Tip

You should then get notified on your Facebook page (the bell icon).


If you want to keep the information from one of my posts, 'Share' it to your personal Facebook wall, so it will stay in your history.


If you ever want to see my Facebook posts, that Facebook didnít show you, click the Victoriana Quilt Designs name and scroll down, to see them all!

Remember ó Commenting or reacting shows Facebook algorithms youíre interested!.


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