Free Easy Beginner's Rail Fence

Quilt Size: 72" x 84"

This Easy Beginner's Rail Fence quilt pattern makes a quick and easy project for those who are just beginning quilting.

The Baby Version is available here.

To see the Easy Beginner's Rail Fence Picture Gallery, click here.


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3 yards Dark Print.


1½ yards Medium Tone-on-Tone.

Please Note: The pattern includes the directions for using Fabric A for the small border, instead of Fabric B, as illustrated.
If you wish to use your Fabric B, see the Cut directions in the pattern to consider the amount you will need.



3 yards Light Print.


Request the free Easy Beginner's Rail Fence Quilt Pattern here

Tips for Beginners:

~In quilting a 'strip' is the width of the fabric (WOF) cut from selvage to selvage.

~Be sure to print the coloured picture and Fabric Key above for reference.



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