Free Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

This fun quilt pattern was designed by Kathleen Solomi who generously allowed me to publish it online for everyone to use.
Thank You Kathleen!!

Any instructions with [brackets], refers you to the technique page in the Library for complete free how-tos.

This pattern is for your personal use only.


Cobblestone Block

Finished Block Size: 6" x 6"

  1. Cut (per block). 48 to 50 blocks need for this quilt.

    Frame Fabric: 2~3" x 2" & 2~7" x 2".

    Centre Square Fabric: 1~3" square.

Design Tip: Sew half the blocks with a light centre square and dark frame and half the blocks with a dark centre square and light frame, alternating them in the layout.

2. Lay out the block, as illustrated.

Block Layout

Sew the units together, as follows:

~#1: Sew the three centre patches together into a row.

~#2: Sew the two outer row patches to the centre row.

3. Arrange your blocks 6 across and 8 down. Add a plain border (or two) [Plain Border].

You can also place the block on-point (see quilt picture for layout) and add corner (2~5" squares cut on the diagonal) & side triangles (5~10" squares cut on the diagonal in two directions) before adding your border.

Free Pinwheel Quilt

5. Layer your quilt [The Quilt Sandwich].

6. You can machine quilt it or tie it with embroidery floss or yarn. Add Binding [Binding] and a label [Label].





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