This Quilt Puzzle in a Pocket is fun & quick to make.
The instructions make it flexible, working with any fabric size (though too big or too small isn't recommended).
It also can be personalized by the motif or theme fabrics you choose.

It makes a great stocking stuffer or small gift!
Or keep one in your purse, to entertain children - anywhere. :)


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~ You Need ~

Fabrics Required

Two Identical Pieces of Fabric with a Motif or Theme (*See Tip below)
Fat Quarter (approximately) of Matching Tone-on-Tone Fabric
A Scrap of Thin Batting

Any instructions with [brackets], refers you to the Technique Page in the Library of this site, for printable free how-tos.

*To get an exact copy of a fabric, lay the first one you cut on the remaining fabric, aligning it on a repeat of the design.
In the picture I've marked where the original cut fabric is.


~ To Make the Quilt Puzzle ~

1. Cut [Rotary Cutting·#F] one of the motif/theme fabrics, the tone-on-tone fabric & the thin batting the same size.

Lay the tone-on-tone fabric (the backing) with the wrong side up, on a flat surface.
Place the batting on top.
Then place the motif/theme print (wrong side down), on top of the batting.

Layering the Fabrics

Baste [Stitches·#3c] them together using white thread.


Request the free Quilt Puzzle in a Pocket Template & Guide here

2. Make a template [Cardboard Templates-For Piecing] for the puzzle wave, or print it onto cardstock & cut it out.
Using the Puzzle Guide, trace the wave line 3 times, in both directions, on the back tone-on-tone fabric, with a chalk pencil.
Move the wave template slightly up and/or down, to vary the waves.

Draw the Lines

3. Stitch about 1/16" away from each of the six wavy drawn chalk lines, on both sides of the line.
Stitch around the edge.
Trim the edge slightly, to clean it up.
Remove the basting.

Stitched Lines

4. Using scissors, cut along each of the drawn chalk lines, between the stitching lines.
This was fun to do! :)

Front of Puzzle

Quilt Puzzle Front


Back of Puzzle

Quilt Puzzle Back



~ To Make the Pocket ~

1. Cut your second motif/theme fabric the same size as the puzzle, plus ½" for seam allowances.
Cut a tone-on-tone fabric as wide as your second motif/theme fabric by about ¾ of the height plus 1".
Cut a second piece of tone-on-tone fabric as wide as your second motif/theme fabric by about ¼ of the height plus 1".

Mine (as an example), was 6" square, so I cut them 6" wide.
The larger patch is 4" + 1" = 5" high.
The smaller patch is 2" + 1" = 3" high.

Pocket Patches

2. Prepare these tone-on-tone patches by turning under the raw edge ¼", along one long side. Press.
Turn under ¼" again, press and machine stitch across it to hold.

3. Lay the motif/theme fabric face up on a flat surface.
Place the smaller tone-on-tone patch wrong side facing up, on the motif/theme fabric, aligning the raw edges at the top and the stitched edge across the center.
Place the larger tone-on-tone patch wrong side facing up, on the motif/theme fabric, aligning the raw edges at the bottom, and the stitched edge across the center, overlapping the smaller top patch.
Pin in place on all sides.

Lay Out the Patches

4. Stitch around all sides of the pocket, pivoting at the corners, using a ¼" seam allowance.

Pocket Stitched

Clip a small triangle off each corner, to remove excess fabric.
It makes for nicer corners, when you turn it right side out.
Turn & press.

Pocket Front

Pocket Front


Pocket Back

Pocket Back


Puzzle in the Pocket

Quilt Puzzle in the Pocket


More Quilt Puzzle in a Pocket Examples:


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