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This printable Quilt Journal is available free to members of Victoriana Quilters.

Non-Members can purchase the file (see below).

You will find useful suggestions on what to include with your printed journal pages...and how to keep the collection of your quilt pictures and information for future generations to appreciate.

All the how to information for receiving and printing your files instructions can be found here.

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~Quilt Journal Suggestions~

  • Print the file (full size) at your printer's "best setting" onto cardstock.
  • Print as many of Page #2 as you need for your quilts.
  • Details about your quilts to include:

~Size: The measurement of the width and length, plus you can include a general size like bed, crib, wall, lap.

~Quilt Style: Examples are Hand Pieced, Machine Pieced, Applique, Redwork, Paper Pieced.

~Made For : The person &/or occasion the quilt was made.

~Notes to Remember: Anything you wish to note, including how long the project was in progress; Awards it won; the city you made it in; What the label includes; Quilters name; Construction details.

~Swatches: 1" squares (pinked edging is a nice detail).

  • Use the back if you have extra you would like to include.
  • Place into binder sleeves within a binder (with a quilted cover). This allows for keeping extra information about the quilt within the sleeve.




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