The files are requested from the site either as individual .pdf files or within a condensed zip file. You will receive an email automatically, with the file you request attached to your email. You download this attachment into your computer. Do not try to open and print them online.

Download the files into a separate folder named "VictorianaQuiltDesigns" that you have created on your hard drive. "Save as..." into this folder.

For the zipped files, click on the zip icon and unzip the .pdf files, into this folder, or a sub-folder with the pattern name. 

Note: You will need an zip program for this.

Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the files. They will be printed as designed. Be sure to have it set as full size printing [Page Scaling: None]. If you don't have an Adobe Acrobat Reader program, you can download it for free.

Please visit the Adobe Reader information page, to help solve any problems with the downloading of the pdf files. Upgrading to the most current version of Adobe Reader is recommended.

If you require more extensive information for downloading files from the internet, please ask your favourite search engine.



Print your pattern on the highest post-consumer content paper you can find.

100% Post-Consumer Paper is available!!

The zipped files contain the printing instructions. Open and print the "Read Me" file first. It will give you the details you will need to print the files. Print it out on a full sheet of paper.

It will include the number of pages; when to flip a page for double sided printing (as the pages are designed); and which pages are half size (most of them) or a full sheet.

The pages are generally set up as half of an 8" x 11" sheet of paper (5" x 8"). Note: Ivory coloured paper adds a nice detail.

Cut your paper in half, in advance of printing. Using an old rotary cutter with your grid ruler aligned at 5", makes it easy.

Stack the half pages in your printer's paper tray. Set your printer properties as follows: Paper Size- 8" x 5"; Landscape; Black Ink. For larger pages use the regular print setting with black ink.

Print only the current page, so the printer will stop and allow you to flip the page just printed and reload in the top of your paper tray. Printing on both sides saves paper & trees!

NOTE: Adobe Acrobat Reader can automatically default the pattern to "Fit to Page", which scales the document to fit the printer paper. You should change the print size in Adobe Acrobat Reader to 100% (or Actual Size) before you print your patterns. 

With holes punched in the sides, your pages will fit perfectly in a small 3-ring binder.

By downloading and printing out these files, you agree to follow the Personal Use Only guidelines.






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