19" x 38½"


This Environmentally Friendly Quilt Pattern is available to everyone!

When I designed this pattern I had heard yet another alarming news story about the current climate changes that are affecting us all.

The South American Harlequin Frogs are dying out rapidly due to a mixture of fungus and global warming. Scientists estimate 67% of these beautiful jewels, who never use fossil fuels, have disappeared. This is something that should concern us being that they’re an indicator species ~ particularly sensitive animals that are the first to die when climate goes awry.

This is another example of the fast changes that are affecting us all now. The Pine Beetle is going to be responsible for all of the pine forests of British Columbia dying within a decade. This is also directly due to the warmer winters we now receive.

A way we can help is by using our gas burning cars less then we do now. I personally have been without a car for over a decade, arranging my life so I can do so. It was an adjustment...but an important and very satisfying one.

And you can help too!

As a way of encouragement I'm offering this Harlequin Frogs quilt pattern as a Thank You for trying.

For each of the six parts you agree to leave your car at home once and use a different means of transport to go to your destination. Walk, bike, public transit [and bio-fuel/electric cars] are all acceptable for this agreement. Your corner store or local mailbox is probably not that far away!

Of course if this becomes a habit...that would be great!


To see the Harlequin Frogs Picture Gallery, click here.




2 different Fat Quarters for the block backgrounds




½ yard for the accent border around the blocks and the corner squares.





¾ yard dark Tone on Tone for the block corners



Different fabrics (Fat Quarters & Scraps) in Tone on Tone for the frogs


¾ yard border fabric. A stripe print adds a nice detail.



Harlequin Frog Part #1



Harlequin Frog Part #2



Harlequin Frog Part #3



Harlequin Frog Part #4



Harlequin Frog Part #5

Harlequin Frog Part #6


Print your pattern on the highest post-consumer content paper you can find.

100% Post-Consumer Paper is available!!


~Great Tips that will make a big difference~

  • Change all of your incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs. They are four times more energy efficient!
  • Using a snow blower to clear an average driveway, sends out the same amount of emissions as driving 500 kms [311 miles]. This also applies to leaf blowers. Using a shovel or rake has the bonus of being great exercise!!




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