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I've recently went through my unfinished quilt projects, and decided which I still really want to make.
With the rest, I filtered out some fabrics to add back to my stash and donated the remaining project blocks, etc. to my local guild, to use for charity quilts......Submitted by Judith


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Block finished blocks with a pencil line on the back, the size of the finished block. Using these lines as sewing lines to finish your quilt top, gives a finer finished quilt.


When pressing a block with many points meeting at the centre, trim and fan the joining seam allowances out. Put a few drops of water, at the centre and press. This will help the centre lay flat.


Tea Dye fabrics to dull the colour and give them and aged look.


Cut the curved edge of appliqué patches with pinking shears. This avoids the need to clip them.


Spray starch is a great addition to your quilting supplies. You can use it to stiffen lightweight fabrics and to hold down hard to press appliqué seam allowances.


Large cone threads can be used on sewing machines with the thread spool pins that stand vertically. Place an empty pen over the pin, to extend the height.


A small ironing board placed to the side of your sewing machine allows for pressing, as you sew, without the need to stand up and walk over to your larger ironing board.


When sewing practice blocks for different quilts, use the same grouping of fabrics (e.g. Christmas fabrics). Save these blocks until you have enough for a quilt.


Use your leftover strips and squares to piece together a small lap quilt for charity.


A scrap piece of fabric sewn through, before and after chain piecing. It anchors the threads and prevents the machine from eating up the edges of your fabric. 



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