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~Santa's Rising Sun Quilt~

Quilting Santa by Tom Newsom

Over on my Facebook page, when I posted this lovely picture 'Quilting Santa', a conversation began about what block was used in Santa's quilt.

The closest design I could find was one called 'Rising Sun', though it uses wedges for the arcs.

I offered to figure out the design, and when my block was approved, I put together this tutorial so you can also make this lovely quilt!

Though the whole quilt is not shown in the painting, I've designed my quilt on a 6 by 6 block size, which means we need 36 blocks total.

[I have also designed a fun finish, which is available to members.]

Santa's Quilt Fabric Choices

I selected all of my fabrics from my the 'country colours' that were used. I have about 7 fabrics in each colour (blue, red, green, gold/cream) and I also planned to used one basic for the bulk of the cream backgrounds. Note the fabrics are one colour with a neutral simple design or plaid. [Design Note: I used my plaids for the arcs only, as I didn't want the directional issue to distract the eye from the points.]


~You Will Need for Each Block~

Cut Squares

Cut [Rotary Cutting] one 5" square, and one 7½" square (this large one does not need to be cut the 'exact' measurement).
Above you can see the fabric variety for my 36 blocks.


Sets - A Patches

From the same fabric cut 4~2¾" x 5" rectangles, and one 5" x 7½" rectangle (this 'C Patch' rectangle will be give you two patches after cutting it diaongally ~ see below). I cut a batch of these from the background fabric I used.
These are your 'Sets - A'.

Cut the C Patch large rectangles in the direction shown - corner to corner.

Cut Rectangle Diagonally



Sets - B Patches

From the same fabric cut 2~2¾" x 5" rectangles, and 2~4¼" x 6" rectangles (these are your A Patch and B Patch rectangles, and will give you two patches each after cutting them diaongally ~ see below). I cut a batch of these from the background fabric I used.
These are your 'Sets - B'.

Place the smaller rectangles right sides together.

Rectangles Right Side Together


Cut the A Patch and B Patch smaller rectangles in the direction shown - corner to corner.

Cut Rectangle Diagonally


The A Patch is on the left and the B Patch is on the right.
You will use one of each direction for each Set B group.

Cut Rectangle Diagonally


Group one Set A together with one Set B and chain piece them together (as instructed below), clipping between each set of three units as you sew, and placing together with the remaining unsewn B Patch.

Sewn Sets


1. To make the Wedge unit, align the two bias edges and points of the A Patch triangle (the one on the left) and C Patch. Placing the C Patch on top, start sewing [Machine Piecing Basics] along the bias edge in the direction of the arrow, towards the point.

Place patches together

Wedge Unit


2. Fold the two 2¾" x 5" rectangles from Set B, in half with wrong sides together. Pair each with the 2~2¾" x 5" rectangles from Set A.

Tall Goose Unit


3. Place a Set A rectangle on each side of the folded Set B one, with right sides together and with all of the edges aligned at the top. Sew down one of the long sides. You will be making two of these 'Tall Goose' units for each block.

Tall Goose Unit

Tall Goose Unit


4. Carefully press [Pressing-#1] the Wedge A Patch open with the seam allowances together, towards A Patch.

Wedge Unit

For both of the Tall Geese units, press the back seam open and then turn over and open the folded fabric into a triangle, pinching the corners together, aligning the slight fold with the center seam plus the tips with the patch corners, and gently press.

[Note: The quilting will hold down the loose folded edges, but feel free to applique if you prefer.]

Tall Goose Unit

Tall Goose Units & Wedge


5. Align the bias edge and point of the triangle B Patch with the remaining edge of the triangle C Patch. Placing the B Patch on top, start sewing along the bias edge in the direction of the arrow, towards the point.

Wedge Unit

Carefully press B Patch open with the seam allowances together, towards B Patch.

Wedge Unit


6. Fold the Wedge unit in half and finger press the 'center point' of the large center triangle.

Wedge Unit

Trim the Wedge unit by aligning the ruler as shown. The 4¾" mark should be at the point where the two 'wings' meet, and the top right corner at the 'center point' fold. Trim up the right side and across the top.

Wedge Unit

Turn the unit around and align the ruler along the cut edges at 5" and trim the remaining two edges.

Wedge Unit

The Wedge units look like this:

Wedge Unit


7. Group a large and small square with each set of 2 Tall Goose units and a Wedge for each of your 36 blocks. Try making each block completely different.

Group into sets


8. Arrange the two Tall Goose units, the Wedge and the 5" square as shown. Sew them into pairs. Press the seams open.

Rising Sun Layout


9. Place the top half of the block rights sides together with the bottom half, matching the seams.

*Perpendicular Pinning Tip: Place a pin in the seam of both the blocks you are joining. Don't anchor it. Hold the pin perpendicular (90*) with your first two fingers (underneath) and your thumb on top. Now place an anchor pin (going in at an angle) beside it. Remove the perpendicular. This pinning method keeps the blocks from shifting out of place.

Rising Sun Block

Sew the two halves together.


10. Press [Pressing-#3] the seam allowances open, and then give the block a mist & dry press which gives it a good flat crisp finish.

Rising Sun Block


11. Appliqué the arc onto the block where illustrated using the method you like best.


Request the Santa's Quilt Arc Template here


My favourite method is Basting Applique, and the following is how you do it.

12. Make a template [Cardboard Templates-For Piecing] for the arc shape.
Draw the outline of the arc onto the right side of the 7" square fabric with a chalk pencil.
Cut beyond the arc less than ¼" using pinking shears.

Prepare to Applique Arc

Prepare to Applique Arc


13. Finger press the seam allowance over to the back of the shape (except the straight edges) and baste in place [Stitches-#3c].

Prepare to Applique Arc


14. Pin the basted arc to the block and then baste into place, as shown.

Prepare to Applique Arc


15. Using 18" of thread that matches the arc, blind-stitch [Stitches-#1] the two arc edges to the block. Remove the basting thread when complete.

Prepare to Applique Arc


Santa's Rising Sun Block

Santa's Rising Sun Block (9" x 9" finished size)


Santa's Rising Sun Blocks

Here's the completed quilt top.


I've finished this Santa Quilt with this Scrappy Scallop edge!

The instructions are available to Member's Only.


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