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WOF = Width of Fabric



Initial Block Tutorial
Finished Size: 12" x 12"



The 26 letters of the alphabet are available:

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White Background Fabric - Fat Quarter
Black Tone on Tone Fabric - Fat Quarter
Black & White Checkers or other graphic prints - Fat Eighth
Favourite Colour* Tone on Tone Fabric - Fat Quarter

*Two ways you'll be able to personalize these projects, is using a favourite colour for the initial.

1. Cut the white background fabric [Rotary Cutting] 13" x 13".
Draw an 11" x 11" square, with a mechanical pencil, centered on the back of the fabric square.

2. Print the 4 initial template pages.
Trim & tape them together.

Tape the Template parts together

3. Using a mechanical pencil, trace the different shapes of the initial you choose, onto your fusible webbing, following the manufactures directions.

Trace the Template Shapes

I like to use dash lines, along the edges that will be tucked under another shape.
Then I add a solid line, beyond the dash line, to be sure I cut a bit of extra fabric to tuck.

Trace the Template Shapes


Traced Template Shapes

4. Trim the fusible webbing shapes, cutting them out, leaving a small edge beyond the sewing line.

Cut out the shapes

Place the fusible webbing on the back of the different fabrics you've chosen, and cut the shapes.
I used a brand that is sticky and does not need to be fused before cutting the shapes.
I recommend this for this project, as it makes it so much easier to place to shapes.

Note: If you use a different type, follow the manufacturers directions, fuse, and cut out the shapes.

5. Tape the template paper up on a window, with the template flipped, so the letter is facing the correct way.
You'll be able to see the lines through the light from the window.
Tape the white background fabric over the template, aligning the square you have on the back of the fabric with the outer square of the template.
Tip: Painters tape works great.

Hang up on a window

Draw the lines that you will be stitching.
I added the shapes while it was hanging on the window, as the sticky backing of the fusible webbing allowed the shapes to hold.
If you use a different kind of fusible webbing, you will need to align the shapes the way you prefer.

Carefully remove the block from the window, and press the fusible webbing, following the manufacturers directions.

6. Stem Stitch the stitching lines using 6 strands of black embroidery floss.
Note: The stem stitch how to is included with the template

7. Trim the block ¼" beyond the sewing line that you have drawn on the back.

8. Cut 2-12" x 1¼" and 2-13" x 1¼" strips for the thin border.
Sew the shorter borders to the sides of the initial, using the drawn lines as your sewing line.

Press the seam allowances together, toward the border.
Extend the sewing line from the top and bottom of the block, along the added side borders.

Trim the side borders even with the block edge.
Sew the top and bottom border to the block, as you did for the side borders.
Press the borders together, toward the border.

9. Trim the borders to ¾" by aligning the ruler's ¾" line, along the stitching line.
Be sure to make sure the corners are square.

10. Add a line of embroidery, along the edge of the block, using the stem stitch and 6 strands of embroidery floss.

My plan is to add blanket stitching, around the shapes of the initial, as my quilting.


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Another suggestion for using the initials to come...I hope!




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