Victorian House Pictoral Quilt

Quilt Size: 20" x 20"

This pattern was designed as a simplified version of my pictorial quilts. This is not a beginner's project, as the technique's include exact sewing line machine piecing and a starch appliqué method for the finer details.

Included with this pattern are a few pointers on how to turn any picture you might want to make, into a pictorial quilt.

To see a few of my student's versions of this pattern, click here.



Fat Quarter of House fabric



Fat Quarter of Sky fabric



8" x 10" Tree Top fabric



8" x 10" Grass fabric


5" x 5" Path fabric
Fat Quarter of black fabric, if using it for a roof, otherwise you need less.
12" x 12"  of window & door trim fabric
Scraps of fabrics for: Door; Trunk of Tree (brown); Bush (2 greens~ medium & light); Dark Green for side of house



Starch Appliqué

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