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~July 2018~

1. Canada Day
2. Today's That Kind of Day!
3. Printable Vintage Sewing Cards - Fun for Your Little Ones!
4. The 4th of July


~June 2018~

17 Years Online - Finally Starting to Write About It!
2. First Quilts
3. Even a Desk Can be Inspirational!
4. Violets & Ivy
5. Pretty Old...
6. Follow the Quilting Rainbow
7. Using Silk Ribbon Embroidery in a Quilt
8. Sewing Kits, Lessons & Treasures
9. Backing Quilt Ideas
10. Sew Lovely
11. It's an Anniversary Special Day
12. Playing with My Stash
13. Using Striped Borders in Quilts + a New Free Pattern
14. Sewing Machine Day
15. Where My Quilt Designing Began
16. Needle and scissors, thread and thimble
17. A Quilt for My Dad
18. A Decorative Kind of Hand Quilting
19. Two of My Favourite Quilt Tips
20. Fun Sewing Finds...

21. Playing with Pincushions ~ 2018 Anniversary Edition
22. When in the Mood...
23. Crazy Quilt Inspiration from a Kindred Spirit
24. Progress is Good
25. Sharing Instead...
26. The Idea of A Novel Idea
27. Bee Happy
28. Fingers Fly Deftly
29. Colouring Fun!
30. A Quilt for Miss Sniff


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