Handwork Project Bag Tutorial by Benita Skinner

Hi! My name is Benita Skinner, and I design Victoriana Quilt Designs quilt patterns.
It's been a lot of fun putting this Handwork ~ While You Wait Week together.

I've always been a big promoter of the relaxing qualities of handwork, whatever your favourite is, and the tutorials this week were meant to get you started or re-inspire you.
From the comments in the emails I've received and on my Facebook wall, I know we are all kindred spirits who love handwork!

Handwork Take Along Bag Tutorial

My tutorial is for a handwork take along bag to keep your work & tools/accessories in. Make it in a favourite print that you love!
I've included the measurements for two sizes, but you can widen and lengthen the dimensions to make a much larger bag.
Also included are the templates and pattern for the 'My Handwork' label you can embroider for your bag.

Request the free My Handwork Embroidered Label Templates here

Finished Sizes: Smaller bag 6" x 8" [Larger bag 8" x 10"]
Both Fat Quarter Friendly!

What You Need for Handwork Take Along Bag

*Bag and Matching Liner Fabric 6½" x 16½" [8½" x 20½"]
*Label Fabric 3½" x 5½"
*Label Frame Fabric 4" x 6"
*Matching Cord 2 ~ 15" lengths
*Matching Embroidery Floss

1. Applique the 'My Handwork' label to the bag fabric, approximately 2¾" [4"] from the top edge, as seen in the picture above.

2. Place the bag and liner fabric right-sides together and stitch the top and bottom edges with a ½" seam allowance.
Press the seams open.

Stitching the Handwork Take Along Bag

3. Pull the fabrics apart and re-align the two sewn seams together, lining up the long edges, as seen in the picture above.

4. Stitch the side seams with a ¼" seam allowance. Stop about 3" from the end on the liner side, along one of the side seams, so you have an opening to turn the fabric.

5. Turn the fabrics right-side out, being sure to poke out the corners. Stitch the opening closed.

6. Place the liner fabric into the bag fabric matching up the corners within the bag. Press the top fold.

7. Turn the bag so the liner is on the outside, and reposition so the side seams and bottom fold align, giving you two points (see below).

Measure 1" [1¾"] from the corner points and stitch a line across both sides. This will form a gusset to allow your bag to sit flat.

8. Turn your bag right-side out and stitch two lines 1" and 1½" from the top edge [1¼" and 1¾"] (see picture below), through both layers of fabric.

9. Unsew a few stitches along both of the side seams of the bag fabric, making an opening.
Feed one of the cords through, bringing it back out the same opening. Repeat for the second cord on the other side seam. Knot the ends of the cording together and trim.

Design Tip: Make your take along accessories in matching fabric!


I want to give a big Thank You to all the wonderful creative guest posters this week and their inspiring tutorials! I hope you enjoyed meeting them.
And Thank You for sharing the While You Wait Week, with us!
Stay Tuned...More to Come :)

I invite you to visit my site here, and request all of the complimentary quilt patterns, calculator charts, printable quilty bookmarks and graph paper. There is much for you to enjoy and explore!



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