Thread Holder Tutorial by Annie Wynen

Hi Everyone, my name is Annie, and I’m a mad passionate Gardener, and I love to make quilts. I’m also prone to a little bit of “hooky”. I have a few addictions, which could be worse, and they are FABRIC, PLANTS and YARN.

I’m the type of ‘gal’ that has trouble sitting quietly doing nothing. My husband often bemoans “can’t you just sit and watch TV?” I can’t you know, I need to be doing something, keeping my hands busy, creating, making progress, you know how it is.

Lately I’ve been spending a bit of time on Ravelry, looking at crotchet patterns, then printing them, then buying yarn, and then a few DVD’s later, coming up with some wonderful creations.

Crotchet is a great “car craft” when you’re not driving of course, and something you can easily take with you to appointments, Weight Watchers Meetings, Aunty Susan’s and just about anywhere – except work, although I have been known to take my crotchet projects to work on stressful days, just so I can stroke it in my down times.

My Ready Threader Tutorial is another great little project that would be a handy one to carry with you. They are easy, quick and fun to make, and also make lovely gifts for crafty friends.

Thread Holder

This Ready Threader Tutorial is not my own invention, but a great little idea, and quick to make. A good gift for a crafty friend or a nice accessory for yourself. Some have even told me you could carry your lipstick in it, in your hand bag, or even a couple of "white mice."

*Some light card for templates
*Small amount of fabric from your scap basket
*Small piece of wadding
*Tiny bit of felt
*3 buttons
*Some embroidery thread

. . . and you're ready to go!

1. Cut from light cardboard the templates as shown below.

Templates Required

2. From the 2¾ inch circle template, cut 2 circles of your chosen fabric.

Circle Ends

3. With the fabric on the fold, cut one of the 6½ inch by 3½ inch shapes.

Cut on Fold

Tip: For extra body, also cut one of these shapes from some wadding (batting) fabric that you just happen to have lying about in a box. I trim the wadding a bit thinner so that it fits snuggly inside and you don't need to cut the wadding on the fold.

Thread Holder Fabric

4. From the smallest circle template, cut 4 extra pieces from the light card. These will go inside the yo-yo's for extra strength.

Small Circle Templates

5. You will need to cut one shape out of felt, not on the fold this time.

Felt Piece

6. Choose some buttons and some thread.

Embroidery Floss & Buttons

7. Measure 4 inches of thread and knot at each end.

Cut Embroidery Floss

8. Lay the thread on the right sides of the fabric with a little bit poking out the end and sew around the large shape, leaving a couple of inches for turning.

Lay Right Sides Together

Stitch Around Edge

9. Lay your wadding over the top of one side, and turn the main shape inside out, which will then be the right side out.

Turn Right Side Out

Push Out the End

Flatten Out

10. Now you have your wadding on the inside, and you will need to hand sew the little gap that you left for turning.

Stitch the Opening Closed

11. Press your main shape.


12. Now make your yo-yo's and insert the 2 little pieces of card into each of them.

Insert Cardboard Templates into the Yo-Yo's

Stitch Around the Edges of the Fabric Circles

13. I left the long thread of the yo-yo for later stitching of the threader.

Add a Button

14. Now lay your felt over one side of the main piece and blanket stitch to that piece.
Stitch the Felt Piece to the Curved End

15. Now with your yo-yo's facing inside, sew them to the edge of your main fabric.

Stitch Yo-Yo's to the Main Fabric

Stitch with the Yo-Yo's Facing Inward

16. Once both yo-yo's are sewn on, turn the ready threader so that the buttons face outwards.
Turn Right Side Out

17. Now put your cotton in place, and slide your needle into the felt, and you are finished!

Place Your Spool of Thread  Inside

Add Button to Close
Enjoy the week of handy tips for Handwork – While you wait.

Cheers, Annie


Thanks for sharing your Ready Threader tutorial with us, Annie. I really love your thread holder and hope to make one for myself!

Be sure to visit Annie's site here.



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