Borders & Quilt Settings Tips


To keep pieced borders from coming apart, sew a line of stay-stitching around the outside of the border................Submitted by April




For larger setting triangles, spray the bias edges lightly with fabric sizing (not starch), to help prevent them from stretching.........Submitted by Cathy




A way to make your quilt edge's be the exact size they should be, is to cut twill tape the exact size. Mark the center and quarter marks on the twill tape. Pin the twill to the edge of the quilt top at the five markings. Sew them together, stretching slightly or easing the top as you go....Submitted by Rose




Always use the length of the fabric, not the width for your border strips. Make a slit lengthwise, one inch in away from the selvage. Tear the fabric, instead of cutting it the entire length.
Then make another cut the width of the border you want and tear again. This assures that it goes along the grain line. Press the border strip before sewing. It won't stretch or warp when sewn. Measure and sew as usual...Submitted by Jo





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