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It's always fun to buy the neat, newest gadgets for our quilting, but I adore finding uses or 'reuses' for everyday items you probably already have around the house.

I hope you have fun gathering these as your newest quilting tools!

1. A Thread Catcher Tip

Make this thread catcher to catch the thread bits that you clip or pick off your
patches as you sew.
It's easy to put together with a large covered button, you might already have in your stash.

Thread Catcher Tip

I removed the shank on the back, cut a circle of cotton batting,
and put this thread catcher together.

Thread Catcher Tip

Now it sits in front of my sewing machine, and magically holds the threads until I'm ready to move the batch accumulated, into a large 'tiny fabric bits' tin, which I save to stuff
pet beds (older pillowcases) to donate to my local animal shelter!

2. To Draw on Fabric or Quilt Blocks

Drawing on Fabric Tip

Use a sheet of fine grade piece of sandpaper and tape it to a cardboard with masking tape.
Your fabric does not move around and you get better results.

3. Finger Press

Wooden Finger Press

Long before I got the wooden finger press you can purchase from a quilt shop
[The one pictured above was only recently found in a local thrift store,
as part of a trim/embellishment package],
I used the half of a wooden clothespin pictured...It works as good!

4. Paint Brush

Paint Brush Tip

This clean, fluffy paint brush makes a great tool to remove the dust that
hides in the nooks of the sewing machine.

5. Cardboard/Box Board for Templates

Cardboard for Templates Tip

Every home uses food products that come in cardboard boxes, known as box board...Think cereal, crackers, etc. This cardboard makes great template material for your quilting.

Trace your shapes onto the cardboard with transfer paper or glue the printed paper template down, and cut out the shape with a craft knife.

6. Repurpose an Old Tin

I really like reusing items like tins, as storage for my sewing items.

Repurposed Tin Tip

I found this tin perfectly holds my large spool of basting thread,
so I turned the lid upside down, on a piece of wood, and hammered a nail
gently through the centre of the lid.

Repurposed Tin for Basting Thread

I pull the thread through the hole, as I need it, and now the
spool stays dust free and looks much prettier!



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