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 Free 2022 Block of the Month Quilt Pattern

As a Thank You! for visiting you are welcome to print these Free Quilt Block Instructions instructions.

It is available free to non-members, through 2022 only.
Please Note:: Due to my current low electricity parts of the year, there could be a delay getting it online.
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Any instructions with [brackets], refers you to the Technique Page in the Library of this site for printable free how-tos.

WOF = Width of Fabric


~Christmas Sweater Quilt Top Fabric Requirements~

The instructions for this quilt will be available in two sizes.
Quilt: 74" x 76"
Family Size Quilt: 111" x 114"

Family Size Quilt
Red Knitting Fabric
Red Fabric
1 yard plus 1¼ yard if you piece your own checkerboard sashing & borders
1½ yards plus 2 yards if you piece your own checkerboard sashing & borders
White Knitting Fabric
White Fabric
3 yards plus 1¼ yard if you piece your own checkerboard sashing & borders*
5 yards plus 2 yards if you piece your own checkerboard sashing & borders*
Green Knitting Fabric
Green Fabric
2¼ yards
3¾ yards
Dark Green Knitting Fabric
Dark Green
1¾ yards
3 yards




~Knitting Fabrics now available through my Victoriana Patchwork shop~

I designed this fun 'knitting' fabric to make my Christmas Sweater quilt.
It's available here if you'd also like to use it for your quilt!

Special Notes:
1. The horizontal red & white check border (in both sizes) are not yet available.
2. Spoonflower only sells full yards and fat quarters. Round the amounts required up, when making your purchase.
3. You can purchase part of your fabric now and the rest later, without worrying it will sell out - it's always available!
*4. The fabric requirements for the checkerboard borders are as follows:
Quilt: 1 yard each of the 2 inch horizontal and 2 inch vertical check.
Family Size Quilt: 1 yard of the 3 inch horizontal and 2 yards of the 3 inch vertical check.

Christmas Sweater Knitting Fabric from Victoriana Patchwork


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