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Andover Fabrics - Tic Tac Red

The fabric I used for Row #10 is from Andover Fabrics.

1. Cut fabrics D + E [Rotary Cutting~ #D + #E]

Fabric D:

5" wide strips ~ 2 FQ Strips or 1 WOF Strip ~ Cut down into 8~5" squares

Fabric E:

5" wide strip ~ 1 WOF Strip ~ Cut down into 8~5" squares

2. Make pairs of half-square triangles [Half-Square Triangles~ Pair] as follows:

     Use the 5" squares D + E to make 15 pairs of half-square triangles
     (Note: You will have one extra pair that you won't use for this quilt).

     Square up each unit to 4"  square.

Row #10 Block

3. Block ~ 4" finished size [Blocking].

4. Lay out the 15 half square triangle blocks, as illustrated.

     Sew [Machine Piecing] the blocks into a row along the sewing lines, as instructed.           Match the points.

Jacquard Row #10

Jacquard Row #10

5. Sew Row #10 to the top edge of the Row #9 finished section.

The Jacquard Quilt so far!


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