Sampler Quilt Patterns



These original sampler quilt patterns are designed by Benita Skinner of Victoriana Quilt Designs.

The pattern instructions are nicely designed and tested. You receive the pattern in pdf format attached to an email.

You may use these patterns for your personal use only.



Rose Cottage Quilt Pattern

Rose Cottage


Coffee Café Quilt Pattern

Coffee Café


Old MacPlaids Farmyard Quilt Pattern

Old MacPlaids Farmyard


Time for Tea Quilt Pattern

Time for Tea


Faux 30's Quilt Pattern

Faux 30's


Summer Garden Quilt Pattern

Summer Garden

Northwoods Cabin Quilt Pattern

Northwoods Cabin


Ginger Folk Quilt Pattern

Ginger Folk


Seasonally Quilt Pattern



Angels All Around Quilt Pattern

Angels All Around

Autumn Jewels Quilt Pattern

Autumn Jewels


At the Hop - Now Quilt Pattern

At the Hop ~ Now


At the Hop - Then Quilt Pattern

At the Hop - Then

Mom's Diner Quilt Pattern

Mom's Diner


Strawberry Picnic Quilt Pattern

Strawberry Picnic


My School Years Quilt Pattern

My School Years


How Do I Love Thee Quilt Pattern

How Do I Love Thee


Nautica Quilt Pattern



Sunbonnet Family Gallery Quilt Pattern

Sunbonnet Family Gallery


Victoriana Album Quilt Pattern

Victoriana Album


The Sampler Wallhanging Quilt Pattern

The Sampler Wallhanging


Applique Adventure Quilt Pattern

Applique Adventure


Celestial Wonderings  Quilt Pattern

Celestial Wonderings


Slices of Life Quilt Pattern

Slices of Life


Butterfly Garden Quilt Pattern

Butterfly Garden


Baby Sampler Quilt Pattern

Baby Sampler


Stuffies ~ Quilt Layout with Timmy the Turtle Baby Quilt Pattern

Stuffies ~ Quilt Layout with Timmy the Turtle


Baby Bugs Baby Quilt Pattern

Baby Bugs


Postcards from...Australia Quilt

Postcards from...Australia


Postcards from...New Zealand Quilt

Postcards from...New Zealand


Postcards from...England Quilt Pattern

Postcards from...England


Postcards from...Netherlands Quilt Pattern

Postcards from...Netherlands


My Princess Plays Quilt Pattern

My Princess Plays


Autumn Garden Quilt Pattern

Autumn Garden


Cat Mat Quilt

Cat Mat


Dog Mat Quilt

Dog Mat


Neighbours Quilt Pattern





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