Earth Friendly Quilt Patterns



These original Earth Friendly quilt patterns are designed by Benita Skinner of Victoriana Quilt Designs.

The pattern instructions are nicely designed and tested. You receive the pattern in pdf format attached to an email.

You may use these patterns for your personal use only.



Loving Our Earth Reusable Grocery Bag Complimentary Pattern

Loving Our Earth Reusable Grocery Bag


Loving Our Earth Reusable Lunch Bag Complimentary Pattern

Loving Our Earth Reusable Lunch Bag


Harlequin Frogs Complimentary Quilt Pattern

Harlequin Frogs



~My Favourite Earth Friendly Quilting Tips~

Collect the tiniest bits of fabric, threads and batting, to stuff a pillowcase (12" square+). Donate these pet beds to a needy pet you know, or ask your local pet shelter if they can use them.

I use the smallest scrap pieces in my mini paper-piecing and also keep a pincushion project along side my machine.
I make my pincusions from scraps - either 2½" or 3½" squares of what ever is leftover, using 6 squares to make a 'cube'.
Then I stuff with the bits of threads & scraps as I go.
When full I turn in the hole, whip stitch it closed and embellish to it finish off - again with scraps, bits of lace and rick-rack, and recycled buttons. Easy-peasy!
Submitted by Sharon V- NY.

I like to use the little 1" scraps. I save all but the tiniest pieces to make rag rugs.
My grandmother sewed these tiny scraps onto a piece of canvas, and cut them like people now do to make the 'scrappies'.
They really collect the dirt at the back door and cost next to nothing to make.
Submitted by Mary

Use a child's themed pillowcase for wrapping their gift, and then they can also use the pillowcase. Better yet, make some pillowcase/gift bags using your fabric stash!

Print your online patterns using 100% post consumer paper. It's available...if you ask!

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