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September, 2023

Free Block of the Month Patchwork Projects


Patchwork Reusable Gift Bag: The Patchwork Reusable Gift Bag tutorial is the patchwork project available this month!
Plus information on how to make it in a variety of sizes.

Patchwork Reusable Gift Bag



~Recently Added~

Stained Glass Strings Herringbone Version

Stained Glass Strings Herringbone Stitch Along


Storyland Children's Quilt Pattern
Newest Free Quilt Pattern

Storyland Children's Quilt Pattern


Christmas Sweater Free Quilt Pattern


Featured Quilt Pattern

My School Years Keepsake Growth Chart Quilt Pattern

My School Years Keepsake Growth Chart Quilt Pattern

My School Years Keepsake Growth Chart Quilt Pattern


Close up of the Keepsake Pockets of My School Years Quilt Pattern

Close up of the keepsake pockets of the My School Years Quilt Pattern


Printable Fabric Designs

Introducing -> Printable Fabric Designs

I'm very excited to be showing you this new product!!

The first seven editions are available here:

1. Baby Sampler Patchwork Edition
2. Sampler Patchwork Edition
3. Vintage Buttons Edition
4. Blue Patchwork Edition
5. Green Patchwork Edition
6. Red Patchwork Edition
7. Violet Patchwork Edition


~ Apple Core English Paper Piecing Tutorial ~

Apple Core English Paper Piecing Tutorial

In the Schoolhouse here!

More Workshops & Tutorials Available in the Schoolhouse section...

Schoolhouse for Quilters


~ Quilt Pattern Membership ~

The Quilt Pattern Membership that keeps on Giving!
You get access to dozens of Free Quilt Patterns, Deep Discount on 100+ others; Exclusive Quilt Tutorials & Online Workshops and more....
Membership Details here.

Note: Past Victoriana Quilters Members (& current yearly members), are allowed to ask to become a Permanent Member, anytime.

14 Different Fabric Quilt Labels

Fabric Quilt Labels

Adding a label to your finished quilts is an important way to share the details, for many years to come.
My Fabric Quilt Labels make that super easy to do!
These are now available through my Spoonflower shop here.


Ideas for Backing a Quilt Collection

This collection of Ideas for Backing a Quilt is available in a .pdf file format.
Request it here.

Plus there are pictures of an additional 3 Ideas!

**SPECIAL NOTE: I've been sharing the formula, calculations & instructions for these 12 ideas, so you can duplicate them to any size quilt needed.
(these files are free to request - with a Victoriana Quilters membership - the links to them are below each individual picture).
These ideas also make great, simple quilts!

The Formulas, Calculations & Instructions for the
Idea #1 - Almost 4-Patch
Idea #2 - Gift Box
Idea #3 - Framed
Idea #4 - Bands

Idea #5 - Patchwork the Scraps
Idea #6 - Strip Up the Scraps
Idea #7 - Balance
Idea #8 - Frame Up
Idea #9 - Stepping Stones
Idea #10 - Checkerboard

are all available here.


~ ~ ~

My Creative Space Blog


My Creative Space Blog:
Where I share how Victoriana Quilt Designs come to life...


Quilt Pen Pals & Charm Swaps


Come join our quilting community...Sharing with Quilters!
Quilter Pen Pals & Quilt Charm Swaps pages.
Meet Quilters' from your hometown or around the world!


Quilt Guild Listing


Quilt Guild Reference List:
This Quilt Guild Reference List is where you will find a list of quilt guilds and groups from all over the world.
If your group is not listed, fill in the details - I would love to add them.


Members Notebook


Members Notebook:
This section has news, notes and important reminders for members.
Be sure to read the new entries and reminders every month.


Quilting Lessons & Tutorials Online


Quilting Lessons:
These pages contain links to free quilt lessons, information and how to's.
This list makes a good quilters online resource for the Beginner Quilter, or anyone needing some refresher information or tutorial on a new quilt technique!


Design of the Month


Free Design of the Month:
Previously available to newsletter subscribers.
All of these designs can be used as quilting motif or for a redwork/embroidery project.


Quilt Tip of the Month


Quilt Tip of the Month:
The newest tip plus a 22 year collection!


Sneak Peek at the Quilt Patterns Coming Up


Sneak Preview:
Preview of things I'm hoping to work on...



~ ~ ~

More Quilt Information

Directory of Quilt Pattern Designs by Benita Skinner

Directory of Quilt Pattern Designs by Benita Skinner Main Page


My Off Grid Adventure Letters - The Adventure Continues...

My Off Grid Adventure Letters - The Adventure Continues...
Part #77: So Much to Share


Free Printable Quilt Calculator Charts

Free Printable Quilt Calculator Charts


Free Hope for Ukraine Quilt Block

Free Hope Quilt Block here

See the Hope for Ukraine Picture Gallery,
with the blocks that have been made!


Baby Quilt Patterns

Baby Quilt Patterns


Easy Quilt Patterns

Easy Quilt Patterns


Printable Quilt Journal

Printable Quilt Journal


Yore Quilter Self Personalized Portrait

What date will you choose, for Yore Quilter Self portrait?

Get all the details here.


Victoriana Quilt Designs Quilt Memes to Share

Quilty Memes for Sharing on Your Facebook Page!

Victoriana Quilt Designs on Facebook


Victoriana Quilt Designs Facebook Page: This is where I share quilt & personal pictures, answer questions and share quilting online with other Facebook Quilters...from all around the world!

Victoriana Quilt Designs on YouTube


My YouTube Account: I've begun to post videos of me hand stitching.
No talking - just stitching - 'Sew' Relaxing!
Plus you'll find the best animal videos I've captured.


Victoriana Quilt Design on Instagram
My Instagram Account:
I share all of my pictures & reels here!
Victoriana Quilt Design on Threads
My Threads Account:
Threads is where I post my news & my opinion :)

Victoriana Quilt Design on Pinterest


My Pinterest Boards:
I've been enjoying the great visual inspiration here!



~2023 Birthday Club Prize~

You not only get a special gift on your special day...
(you get to choose!), you get entered for the
The Grand Prize, which includes:
-14 Quilt Fabric Labels from my exclusive designs
-Exclusive Victoriana Round Box filled with Sewing Themed Charms
-My Creative Space Quilt Note Card with envelope

~Registrations for the Birthday Club are being taken now.




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